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Johann Bingen Henry Bingen in front of his blacksmith shop Mary Elizabeth Bingen Tice (2nd from left) Barbara Bingen, daughter of John and Anna Maria Mueller Bingen. Picture ca. 1865
Barbara Bingen when she was older Henry and Appolonia's 50th wedding anniversary Henry and Appolonia's 50th wedding anniversary, picture 2, which includes: Back row, left to right: Rudolph Pittler, Albert Drews, Gregor Meyer, Elsie (Krueger) Bingen, Annabelle (Waller) Bingen, Alvin Carpenter, George Borieo, Marceline (Eserhut) Bingen.
<br>Front row, left to right: Adeline Bingen-Smithy (her husband ran off on her prior to this anniversary and she kept her married name until he was legally declared dead and ended up remarrying), Oliva Bingen-Pittler, Crescenta Bingen--Drews, Josephine Bingen-Meyer, Alfred Rosa Bingen ca. 1905 or later
Blanche Tice (Mary E. Bingen Tice's daughter) Annabelle and Hilarion Bingen Annabelle and Hilarion Bingen Annabelle and Hilarion Bingen on their wedding day, Feb. 25, 1933
Some Bingen cousins and their spouses at a reunion in 2005 Caroline, Robert and John Bingen John and Caroline Bingen Robert Orville Bingen
Enid Bingen's wedding day Fond du Lac football team, 1926, Hilarion Bingen George Alfred Gerald Copet and Mary Bingen
Francis Bingen when he was younger Francis Bingen (pictured at right) Francis Bingen (center) in 1952 Kenneth Bingen(at far left in the middle row) & his 5th grade class
Kenneth Bingen ca. 1945 Kenneth, Pearl, Delores and Dorothy Bingen at Francis Bingen's funeral Irving, Leroy, Robert and Warren Bingen on June 14, 1997- Warren's 75th birthday Irving Bingen in his home in Sidney, MT, 1998.
John Marso, Alta Bingen, Lillian Bingen, Irving Bingen, Leroy Bingen, Warren Bingen, Leo & Rita Marso, and Robert Bingen on June 15, 1997. Leroy & Lillian Bingen, Leo & Rita Marso on Marso farm in Marietta, MN, June 15, 1997. Warren & Robert Bingen in 2006 Ken, Dorothy and Pearl Bingen in front of the John W. Bingen homestead in Groton, South Dakota
Kenneth Bingen in front of the John W. Bingen homestead Matthew, Heather and Jeremy Bingen at Heather's wedding Bob, Dennis and Laurie Bingen Roseann Bingen (Bob's Wife), Bob's son Matthew Bingen, his Granddaughter Jaden, daughter-in-law Maranda, and Bob Bingen at the Minnesota Renaissance Fair.
Bob and Roseann Bingen at their wedding. Dorothy and Delores Bingen in front, with Pearl and Ken Bingen in back. On the farm in Groton, SD. Lorraine and Kenneth Bingen holding son, Dennis. Kenneth, Dennis and Bob Bingen at Dennis's wedding.
John William Bingen with children, Ken, Dorothy, and Pearl. Taken in 1923 on the farm in Groton, SD. William Boeckmann on his farm in Andover, SD.

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