Hello, this is the site for the Bingen family. The Bingens originated in Germany, and now have links all over the United States. This site originated from an idea of Jack Bingen Copet's, and is a place for all of the Bingen "cousins" to collaborate information that can be used for further research.

1/13/13: The site has just been update with some new genealogy information and a quick fix for some of the links. Please let me know if you notice anything else that is not working since our move to this new web host! If you have anything to contribute, feel free to email me, Jade Schmitt, at jadey213@yahoo.com Thanks!

*Bingen Family Forum Now Online!*
Hey all, we finally have a Bingen Family Forum up, located here. We can use this for genealogical discussion as well as any other sorts of discussions you would like to have. Feel free to sign on any time and start talking to your cousins!!

Important links for the Bingens:
-Eduard Pese's Genealogy site
-Steve Lusk's Bingen Genealogy site