Hello and welcome to Strawberriezy Graphics! We were down for a while because my host crashed, but now I'm getting everything going again. Please tell everyone you know about the site!
This site is designed to help you as much as possible, but if you still need something, feel free to email any suggestions, comments or questions to me at jadey213@yahoo.com. If you'd prefer to neomail me, my account is cheyenne2394

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UPDATES: (Click here for archive)

07/13/08- Hey everyone, I apologize for the lack of updating. Its summer now so I should have time to try to do something for this site! I definitely want to continue to help people out with information I can provide here. If anyone had any ideas on what I should add, feel free to email me ASAP at jadey213@yahoo.com and I will be sure to take into consideration anything you might suggest.

01/05/08- Hey everyone, I've added a few more buddy icons. I'm planning on adding some new blinkies soon, so look for those!

01/02/08- Hey, short update... I was messing around with some graphics and I made some new AIM buddy icons. check them out if you'd like :)

01/01/08- Happy new years, everyone!! Sorry again for the lack of updates, college takes a lot of time! However, there is a new affiliate, so enjoy!

10/08/07- Hey everyone! Yes, I'm still around. Sorry about the lack of information up here. I have added a new affiliate!!

09/07/07- Hey everyone, I've started college so I'll still be around but probably not able to update very much- I'll see what I can do, though. But keep spreading the word about the site- it'll help me out a lot! Thanks!

08/26/07- I just found the old archives pages on a site that archives websites. Yeah, that was a good sentence. Anyways, perviously I didn't have those pages anymore and they were lost. I have put them up, but some are still missing. I'm working on finding them. I also have a bunch of new affiliates here for the site!! Check them out they are definitely some awesome people.

08/19/07- Hello, I have recoded the userlookups so they are compatible with the new Neopets layout. I have also recoded the shields and I will be working on fixing the blinkies and blogs so hang in there while I recode those!

08/17/07- I've finished getting rid of bad coding and stuff. I'm working on fixing all of the links back to me in the graphics. I have updated the Daily Links list and the Avatar List for Neopets. There are things I won't be able to update. If you have suggestions or notice something is messed up, please email me at jadey213@yahoo.com Thank you!

08/06/07- Hi everyone. I've done a lot more work today towards getting this site back up and going in some capacity. I think I'll be getting rid of a lot of Neopets information as it is very outdated and I simply don't have the time to continue working with Neopets information. I think however, that the graphics and tutorials will still be useful and I will do my best to maintain them.
There are, as you may notice, some things which are still missing. I am goign to try to replace them in some way so bear with me. If you find anything I don't know about, let me know by emailing me at jadey213@yahoo.com. Thanks!

11\10/06- Hey everyone, my wonderful host had a hardware failure and I lost all of the files from the site. This is because my computer also crashed recently and all of my backup files are gone. I only have the index page which I had saved on a different computer, and most of the quizzes which were hosted on different accounts. I'm going to try to get pages back up but I don't know that I will be able to, because it took about 6 years to compile everything that was here, there's no way I can replace everything so quickly, especially the tutorials, etc.
If anyone happens to have copies of anything, absolutely anything, that was on this site before the crash, please email me at jadey213@yahoo.com I would be very, VERY thankful.