Jade's Tintypes & other Antique Photographs

Here are tintypes that I have found with tax stamps. Internal Revenue tax stamps were used from 1863 to early 1866 as a way for the Union to raise money during the Civil War.

Won on Ebay from New Jersey. Gemtype is from Pennsylvania, and was taken on Jan. 26, 1865.

Won on Ebay from Massachusetts. This is a Memorial card. Since it was printed instead of embossed it was probably from 1863, and this corresponds with the tax stamp.

Won on Ebay from California. This was star-embossed, probably from later in the war. The orange stamp was mis-printed/mis-cut. Man in the gemtype was probably a soldier.

I won this on eBay but this fellow is from Milwaukee, WI. The tax stamp has the date of 1865 on it.
This is Grant S. More, taken in 1865. He is possibly Grant Starr More who was born 12 Dec 1863 in Copley, Ohio.

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