Jade's Tintypes & other Antique Photographs

Here are gem tintypes.

This gem was found in a Bonduel, Wi. antique shop. Appears to be from the 1860s.
This gem was also found in a Bonduel, WI. antique shop. Also appears to be from around 1860s.
Won on Ebay from Illinois. Possibly 1860s, because of the early card/frame.Won on Ebay from Illinois. Probably from the 1870s or later.
Won on Ebay from Illinois. The back paper is a torn away for the most part but at the bottom it says "Kanka ___________ ois" Which I assume to be Kankakee, Illinois. The photographer is obviously W.L. Nichols. The photo itself is a gem in a very tiny brass frame. The printed card as opposed to embossed indicates 1863 or before. This seems to be a memorial card.
George Courtman
Sister Lillie
It says "E. R. Newton from Jane." On the bottom of the card it says "E.B. and O.T. Hambleton, 196 & 255 Main St." E. B. Hambleton is listed at the address in Buffalo, N.Y.
Chairty Bacon
George Gatts
It says "my great-grandfather" but no name.
Won on eBay. Frame indicates that it is older, maybe 1860s.She was purchased at an antique show in Madison, WI. The flowers and her bow are colored. You can see part of her dress; it seems to indicate 1860-70.
Her hair is interesting and reminscent of 1850s hair styles, but this might be from the 1860s or later.The simple tie around his neck indicates an earlier photo.
He is identified as Dr. S. M. Reynolds. This was purchased online from Pennsylvania. There is a blindstamp on the card holder for the image; it says C. Seaver. He was a photographer in Boston till around 1865, so this photo is probably from earlier in the 1860s.
He was purchased online from Illinois. Not sure on a date for this one.

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