Jade's Tintypes & other Antique Photographs

Here are tintypes from Wisconsin. These tintypes are either known to be originally from this area, or that is simply where they were bought from on eBay. Exact locations, if known, will be listed in the description.

Found in Bonduel, WI. This is a young girl, she has a doll next to her on the chair. In the lower right-hand corner of the pictures it seems that someone else's boot and dress are in the picture, probably the child's mother.Found in Wrightstown, WI. Approx. 5" x 7". Possibly mother and daughter. Seem to be immigrants. possibly 1880s-90s?
This was found in an antique shop south of Bonduel, WI. All four men are wearing fur hats. The two men standing have cigars in their mouths. Time Period is early, 1850s-60s, possibly.I found these ladies in Wrightstown, WI. Evidently Civil War era- the bows around the neck, as well as the dresses. Lady on left is holding a small photo album.
Found these ladies in Green Bay, WI. Appears to be a very early picture, 1850s-60s. Fur hats typical of the area in the time period. Probably of French origin.Found in Wrightstown, WI. Possibly Native American heritage. Seems to be the 1870s, or 80s.
Found this in an antique store near Auburndale, WI. Has a brass border around it. The back has writing in pencil, saying "Grandma and Grandpa Burdge Alice and Charlie." In the 1880 census for West Point, Columbia CO., WI, there is a William Burdge (b. 1805) with wife Catherine (b. 1821) with children Alice (b. 1852) and Charley (b. 1858).Found in an antique store in Marshfield, WI. This is an unusual sideways picture of two men. Not sure about a date but that's a pretty big hat.
I found this fellow in an antique store in Wrightstown, WI.I found this fellow in Wrightstown, WI., as well.
I found this man in an Antique store near Bonduel, WI. Time period looks to be in the 1860s.Found at Antique store in Green Bay, WI. Very simple clothing. He is holding something in his left hand, a cloth of some sort. There is an unusual sheen on the surface when held to light, not sure if this is a different sort of tintype or just the result of various chemicals. A name is also written on the front but in pencil but its very hard to make out.
Found in an antique store in Marshfield, WI. Tinted pink cheeks. The way the tie is knotted is something to note.Found in an antique store in Marshfield, WI.
Found in an antique store in Marshfield, WI. Painted background suggests 1870 or after.This was purchased in Middleton, WI. Not sure on the year but probably 1890-1900.
I found this lady at an antique shop in Green Bay, Wi. She has an interesting hat, early picture. She looks French, possibly?I found this lady at an antique store in Green Bay, Wi., also. Possibly ca. 1870. Interesting white dress.
Purchased in Wisconsin, man with tinted flowers. Probably later in the 19th century.Purchased at an antique show in Madison, WI. This appears to be a male dressed as a female.
There's a sign above their heads which says Jackson St. Milwaukee. Jackson St. is on the lakeshore.
These two are a pair, of the same people, just different poses. Probably around Civil War era judging from her dress and the little boy's outfit.
This is from DePere, WI. The name on the back is somewhat hard to discern, looks like W.R. Mathews?
This is a gemtype from DePere, WI.Bought near Madison, WI. Looks like it could be a pretty late photo, maybe ca. 1900 or so.
Bought near Madison, WI. Possibly 1870s, judging from dresses and lack of hoop skirts? Maybe just around 1900, though.Bought near Madison, WI. Not sure on a date but the hat is later.
Bought near Madison, WI. I'd be inclined to think this is ca. 1870 but not sure of course.

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