Jade's Tintypes & other Antique Photographs

Here are tintypes from unknown places.

The little kid looks like a pilgrim :) Either way this looks like it could be from around the 1870s.Assumed to be a wet-nurse with her charge, but possibly just a mother. This may be around the 1890s.
Frame indicates around 1860s, but may be 1870s.Nice full plate of a little girl. Stripes on the clothing indicate Civil War era.
Pretty cool full plate, you can see a lot of details. Possibly late 1870s.
Same girl, slightly different poses.
Two guys men, after 1870.Two young boys, possibly 1860s or after.
Young girl, possibly 1860s? Note that she is holding a photo album.Older lady, 1880s-90s.
Ca. 1868, because of dress and lack of background.
This looks to be from around the turn of the century, otherwise, not sure.Baby with a not-so-hidden mother. Mother's dress seems to be around 1870s-80s or later.
Interesting effect because he has light-colored eyes. Not sure on a date.Pretty lace collaring, possibly 1870s.
Dress and stripes on it, as well as the sleeves, indicate Civil War era, or soon after.Civil War era (hoop skirt, stripes on dress). She has gold detailing for a watch chain.
Wedding picture.. not sure of year.
Interesting lady on a swing in a studio, probably around 1890.Young man.
Early Civil War, she has a nice hoop skirt on.

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