Jade's Tintypes & other Antique Photographs

Here are tintypes from Tennessee. These tintypes are either known to be originally from this area, or that is simply where they were bought from on eBay. Exact locations, if known, will be listed in the description.

Won on Ebay from Tennessee. This couple may be immigrants. The time period is that around the 1860s, because of the jacket type of thing she is wearing. The chair, floor and background scenery match with the picture next to it (they came together).Won on Ebay from Tennessee. Floor and chair similar to others listed here- same studio. This picture seems to be from the 1860s or later.
Won on Ebay from Tennessee. This looks like it could be from the late 1860s-70s. There is an intereting chair, and a floor similar to other tintypes listed here.Won on Ebay from Tennessee. This is probably 1880s or later. This lady might be blind?

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