Jade's Tintypes & other Antique Photographs

Here are tintypes from Ohio. These tintypes are either known to be originally from this area, or that is simply where they were bought from on eBay. Exact locations, if known, will be listed in the description.

Won on Ebay from Ohio. Flowers on their chests seem to indicate that they were just married? Background is fake, painted.. indicates 1870s or later. Its probable that this is from the 1890s because large, poofy sleeves on dresses were common.Won on Ebay from Ohio. This couple looks very young.. probably just after they were married? Tinted cheeks. Her dress looks to be about the 1880s.
Won on Ebay from Ohio. Not sure if these guys are related to each other or are classmates of some sort. Either is possible. Probably around 1890 judging from the hat in one man's hand, and the ties.Won on Ebay from Ohio. Seems to be closer to 1900, but not really sure.
Won on Ebay from Ohio. This has a brass border and is certainly from the early 1860s or even the 1850s, as shown by the dresses and hairstyles.Won on Ebay from Ohio. This picture isn't in too good of shape.
Won on Ebay from Ohio. Probably 1880s.Won on Ebay from Ohio. Seems to be around 1870s??
Won on Ebay from Ohio. Pink-tinted cheeks. She seems to have a bustle so maybe 1860, but could be later, also.Not sure on a date for this one, but its interesting to note the woman's hat and fur clothing.
Won on eBay. As the decoration on her dress and the newspaper bit on the back of the tintype indicate, this is a Civil War era photo possibly 1864 to 1868 or so, depending on when the paper was attached to the back.
Won on eBay. These two came together. The lady on the left is Manda Kerst and on the right is Anna Kerst.
Won on eBay. The name is "Uncle Bill Goldman".
Won on eBay.
An older lady sits in the center with two young girls on either side. This seems to be from around 1900.

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