Jade's Tintypes & other Antique Photographs

Here are tintypes from California. These tintypes are either known to be originally from this area, or that is simply where they were bought from on eBay. Exact locations, if known, will be listed in the description.

Won on Ebay from California. This is a couple, in front of what looks to be a painted picture of a lake. Her dress seems to have two parts and is quite ruffled.Won on Ebay from California. A couple with tinted cheeks. Even the wood they are touching looks like it has been painted! Not sure of a date on this one.
Won on Ebay. She has a very nice silk outfit on, and the pin at her neck has a moon and stars on it. This could be from around 1900, not sure though because of the unusually great clothes.Won on eBay.
Won on Ebay. Possibly 1870s.Won on eBay. This could be from the late 1880s or into the 1890s.
Won on Ebay. Possibly late 1860s just based on the dress and style of the picture.

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