Jade's Tintypes & other Antique Photographs

This set was purchased on eBay from a seller in Vermont. I believe the people in the photos are related. Take a look and see if you recognize anyone!

Tintypes in the set:
Nice hidden mother- her hand is on the child's head.Young girl and boy.
Looks similar to the man pictured twice below in the CDVs.

CDV (Cabinet Cards) in the set:
Little girl, probably from around the 1860s. Taken in Bristol, Vermont.
Small child from around the 1860s. Taken in Bristol, VT
Civil War era, Richmond, VT
Civil War era, very nice dress. Bristol, VT.
Probably Civil War era. Richmond, VT.
Not sure on the time period. Bristol, VT.
Possibly 1860s-70s, Burlington, VT.
Same man as above. Burlington, VT.
Mother and son? Bristol, VT.

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