Jade's Tintypes & other Antique Photographs

Here are cased tintypes that I have found.

This is a cased tintype which was found in an antique store in Madison, WI. Her necklace is gold. This appears to be a very early tintype, possibly even around 1858.
This is from the last 1850s to early 1860s, based on his hair style.He was purchased in North Carolina. The brass border/frame you see is, I believe, older than the image itself because it seems to be from the 1850s or earlier, and the image is not the exact size of it. Therefore, I think the image was later added in with this older frame, although the image seems to be ca.1865 or so.
Purchased on eBay from New York. The border is very unique and reminiscent of war, but it doesn't necessarily mean the image is from the Civil War. The border is stamped "Waterbury Conn." and "Sconell Megg Superior."
This is a fairly early tintype, maybe around 1856. The metal is pretty thick, and this is probably a Melainotype.
Not sure about the weird coloring around it, probably just chemicals. This seems to be right around 1859-60, early tintype.
There's tax stamps on this, dating the picture to about 1865-66. You can also see that this fits the time period from her dress design.
She's holding a book and had a tax stamp, from Sept. 1865. That's when this tintype was taken.
This was purchased around Madison, WI. This is relatively early based on his simple necktie. Probably no later than 1880 but I'm surely no expert.
This was purchased from British Columbia. Possibly ca. 1870?
Also from British Columbia. Could be ca. 1880-90?
This is also from British Columbia. It seems to be a copy of an earlier picture. The bonnets are very interesting and look very early (40s-50s) but could be from the 1860s or so.
This was purchased from Pennsylvania. It seems that this tintype could be from the 1860s based on the dress design.

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