Jade's Tintypes & other Antique Photographs

Here are ambrotypes that I have found.

This is a ruby ambrotype.
I bought this ambrotype on eBay from Texas. The bow is hand-colored and its very scratched. Judging from the dress and hair style, this was taken in the late 1850sPurchased on eBay from Connecticut. This ambro is very faded and hard to see unless you reinforce behind it with something dark. Judging from dress, this is around 1860 or so.
This has a funky sheen to it not captured in the pictures. She is apparently from the early 1850s, has an interesting bonnet and bow which correspond with that time period.
Early 1850s, she has the pleated cinching on her dress, which means pretty early. Her shawl has been hand-tinted blue.
These two are probably from around 1850 or so. Her pin, a rose, is hand-tinted gold.
Interesting ambro, from around the 1860s. He doesn't have black paint or anything for the backing, instead a piece of metal painted black and placed behind the glass- rather unusual.

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