Hello and welcome to my family's photograph collection. The intention of this website is to simply preserve all of the family photographs by scanning them on the computer and then putting them here so that anyone who wants to can look at them, and it can possibly be useful for genealogists researching the same families. I have also added family photos here that have been given to me by cousins I have found throughout the course of my research. These pictures are posted only with their permission, and credit is given to them in the caption of each photo.

The organization is [kind of loosely] as follows: individuals with large amounts of photos exclusively of them will be on their own page, otherwise they will be grouped collectively with their family of birth (ex. a woman will be with maiden surname not husband's). There are also pages for places associated with the families, because some of the family photo collections included pictures of houses, pets, etc.

Note while browsing that (obviously) some of the families overlap. For instance if you are looking for pictures of Hursts, you may also want to look in the pages specific to the Diebolds and Walshes as these are allied families. Likewise, the Greeleys, Mayvilles, Hartungs, Peeps, and Prestons are all allied families.

4/9/15: I have been working on getting this site fully re-coded. There are some images that are still missing. I am working on getting new scans/copies of them on the site, so if you find a dead link bear with me. Most pages here should be working now.