This image is of a gathering of DeLongs. It was labelled on the back by some unknown person. The top image is the whole picture, the next two are halves of the whole to show more detail of each person. In the back row: Rettie Thompson, u[_____?] [B_____], Uncle Joe (Buffum), Ida Weller, Mother Mayville [Loretta???], Gertie Mack, Ruth Goehring and baby, Billie Weller, Bertha Billings and Vet's wife Bessie DeLong. In the front are: Raymond DeLong and Miron's boy, Victor DeLong, Dora DeLong, Charles DeLong & Vet's boy, Millie DeLong, Orie DeLong, "Clyde DeLong and his gal back of him and his son Orie", Miron DeLong and boy, and Vet DeLong.